La Quinta de Don Andres
La Quinta de Don Andres

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La Quinta de Don Andres
Calle Adelita # 11.

Playa La Madera

Zihuatanejo, Gro. Mexico

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+52 (755) 554 3794

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About Us

La Quinta de Don Andrés

In 1975 Don Andres and his lovely wife Dona Guille began accommodating visitors in their beachside home on Playa La Madera in Zihuatanejo. Guests were charmed by both the courtesy and warmth of their hosts and the whole experience of living in a tropical paradise. Many adopted Zihuatanejo as their second home.

After Don Andres passed away in 1999, the family added seven new villas and named the complex La Quinta de Don Andres in his honour. Since “Quinta” means a country home or place of relaxation it fitted perfectly with what all visitors felt when visiting La Quinta de Don Andres. Don’s wife and daughter continued the management of the hotel with the same warm hospitality extended to all visitors who continued to return year after year.

In 2009 the Don Andres family decided to replace, restore and rebuild the entire complex into one integrated, contemporary, traditional, Mexican style Hotel which is now the showplace of Playa la Madera. Construction was completed in December, 2009 and there are now 12 boutique-style villas with high quality, luxurious details and finish including either full kitchens or kitchenettes and spacious, ocean-view balconies.

La Quinta de Don Andres is inspired, built and run by Don Andres family members and guests are delighted to meet you in the same tradition Don Andres and Grandma Dona Guille loved to visit and meet old friends. The tradition of warm welcome and hospitality continues as guests return to their beautiful new Zihuatanejo home.

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